Property Information

Property Info- Real Estate Agents, Lenders and Closers


“Dear Real Estate Agents, Lenders, and Closers- It is critical that the property manager is informed of a signed “Offer to Purchase”. As many of you know the new buyer is required to get updated forms such as: Executive Summaries, Declarations, Amendments, Budgets and Rules and Regulations. While many real estate agents/ companies “save” these documents from past closings and real estate transactions, these documents may have changed. And by providing obsolete data to the buyer could put the agent or real estate companies at serious liability. This document is also used to provide the Association critical information on the new buyer(s) including- Date of Closing, Name of Buyer(s), and Contact Information for the new buyer(s). Shortly after closing this information is used to send the new buyer(s) a Welcome Packet by the Association. To expedite the closing process again we require all agents, closing companies, appraisers, and mortgage companies go to to obtain the necessary paperwork. Please access their website.

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