Purchase A Home

Purchasing a Home


We specialize in residential real estate sales within the Lake Geneva Area. We are a family owned and operated business that understands how important each real estate decision is to our customers.

About Ryan Southwick:

Ryan Southwick grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. Several of his family members have built multi- million dollar businesses in Lake Geneva Area building in: Engineering and Design, Schools and Property Management.

Ryan Southwick has enjoyed his summers as a child on the Lake Geneva waterfront, graduated High School from Badger High School. Following his design teachers advice he went to the University of Wisconsin- Stout and graduated with a degree in Engineering and Business Development. During the summer Ryan completed his Internship at the Lake Geneva staple of business in manufacturing, Brunk Industries. Ryan then spent the next 8 years designing and developing medical and telecommunication products in New England.

Ryan Southwick and Naomi Northrup were married in 2000, and had their first of three daughters in 2004. They decided to head back to the Midwest and make a career change into the Property Management business.Being in the Property Management business, several owners asked if we would sell their properties for them. They enjoyed the relationship we had built on management of their properties. The Southwick’s strong belief in: honesty; loyalty, attention to detail, and fiscal management lend itself well to the Real Estate process.

We only work with a handful of clients at a time. We are not interested in churning through a blur of impersonal sales. Quality of life is why people want to live here, and that applies to our family as well. A big part of our quality of life involves having personal and fulfilling relationships with our clients.

I’ve found that I have the right personality and skills for the real estate profession. I’m a detail-oriented businessperson, and I truly love working with people toward their goals.